This question is at the heart of AN INTERVIEW WITH GOD. With that in mind, what would you ask if you had the chance to interview God? Join the conversation on social and be sure to include the hashtag #WhatWouldYouAsk.

In a survey sanctioned by the producers of AN INTERVIEW WITH GOD, people were polled on the one question they would ask if given the chance to sit down with God. Take a look at the broader categories of these questions plus some of the specific questions.

Why do bad things happen?
  • “Why is suffering allowed in this world?”
  • “Why do children get fatal diseases? Any child hurting or suffering shatters my heart.”
  • “Why are you allowing all of the chaos that is occurring in the world today?”
  • “Why do you allow cancer and abuse to exist? If you care so much, why make your people suffer horribly?”
  • “Why is there such destruction, devastation, starvation in the world?”

What is my purpose?
  • “Will I find the love of my life to spend the rest of my life with?”
  • “How could I lead a more fulfilling life?”
  • “What is my purpose in life on this Earth?”
  • “What is the one thing I could do that would make the biggest positive mark on the world?”
  • “How am I doing so far?”
  • “When will I find work and be able to buy my home?”
  • “What will my kids do with their lives? Will they be OK?”
  • “How can I be a better person?”

Is there life after death? / Does Heaven exist?
  • “Is there a Heaven where we all will end up healthy and pain free?”
  • What happens after we die?”
  • Is there really a Heaven, and is my family there?”
  • “Is there life after death?”

What is the fate of my loved ones?
  • “How are my mom and dad? Are they alright?”
  • “Will I be able to see all my beloved animal friends again?”
  • “Where are my loved one who I am not sure if they accepted you as their personal savior?”

  • “What happened here?”
  • “Why are some people working so hard and not getting ahead in their career?”
  • “Are there any hidden reasons why the mistakes in my life occurred?”
  • “Why did you do the things you did?”
  • “Why don’t you show yourself to prove your existence?”

Why is there so much evil and hatred?
  • “Why are humans so cruel to one another?”
  • “Would you please stop all of the violence going on around the world so that all of your children will know peace?”
  • “Why is our world so full of hate, anger, and aggression?”
  • “Why are so many of your followers bigoted?”

Can you help me understand death?
  • “When will I die?”
  • “How do you decide when a person dies?”
  • “Why do innocent people die before their time?”