An Interview With God


AN INTERVIEW WITH GOD gives us permission to be real and honest with the questions we have for God. It’s an incredibly story of how God wants us to come to Him with what is really on our mind. This is my story and it’s your story, and I encourage you to see how the film reveals God’s response to all of His children, no matter how far away we feel we are from Him.”
Lance Villio, President, I Am Second
AN INTERVIEW WITH GOD is a fascinating film that will stimulate great interactions about things that really matter. Grab some friends to see it—then grab some coffee and talk about it!”
Mark Mittelberg, bestselling author of Confident Faith and the Becoming a Contagious Christian course
AN INTERVIEW WITH GOD is a refreshing, witty, and candid take on the spiritual issues most of us deal with or don’t want to deal with. I love how this film draws you in.”
Robert Lewis, Author and Founder of Men’s Fraternity
AN INTERVIEW WITH GOD is excellent—great acting, an insightful script, and incredible cinematography. It poses a thought-provoking question to all: what WOULD you ask God, if given the chance?”
Megan Alexander, TV Host, Author, and Speaker
"AN INTERVIEW WITH GOD is a brilliant movie that creatively points people to Christ. Be sure to see it in theaters August 20-22."
Paul Louis Cole, President, Christian Men's Network
“Great acting, directing, and cinematography! Our relationship with God is meant to be conversational and if we listen to both our questions and God’s questions, His gift of free will leads us to the right answers.”
Ken Mansfield, Author, Former US Manager Apple Records
“The creative script merges serious Christian themes into a conclusion with surprising and satisfying resolutions.”
Randall Murphree, AFA Journal
“In many ways, AN INTERVIEW WITH GOD reframes the conversation we have about faith, about belief, about what it means to be human, about forgiveness, and about our relationship with the Divine.”
Jacob Sahms, Christian Cinema
“Not only did AN INTERVIEW WITH GOD grab me from the beginning, the story and the characters are filled of unexpected twists and turns. The script is rich and well written. I will definitely take a group to watch it and discuss afterwards.”
Pastor Alicia Julia-Stanley, Covenant UMC
AN INTERVIEW WITH GOD is a thought provoking portrayal of the persistence of God's love for us in spite of our tendency to try to pull away from him and go our own way.”
Kerry Brown, Lead Pastor, Destiny Church
“I really enjoyed the concept of the film. The ‘interview’ format was an interesting take on the subject matter. The acting was great too.”
Chris Neff, Executive Pastor, Ridgepoint Church
AN INTERVIEW WITH GOD is a great opportunity to take some youth group kids and get them talking about spiritual stuff. I’m going and I’m bringing my teenagers, too!”
Josh Griffin, co-founder Download Youth Ministry, Former High School Pastor at Saddleback Church
“A great film! The actors nailed their roles.”
David Mingus, Pastor, Antiers First UMC
“A thought-provoking film of faith, and a good outreach resource that concludes with salvation. Well done.”
Darren Keithley, Pastor, Shadowlawn Church